SoS Workshop - Structures on Surfaces

CIRM, May 2 - 6, 2022

Pre-registration is open

The central theme of this workshop is the study of geometric and combinatorial structures related to surfaces and their moduli. The topic is motivated in particular by the arising needs for efficient algorithms solving problems in non-Euclidean geometries, e.g., in geometric modeling, neuromathematics, or physics.

The workshop aims to gather communities working in geometric topology and computational geometry. Beyond a common interest, techniques from both ends are relevant and the potential gain in perspective from sharing knowledge and recent results is truly thrilling. To reach this aim, the workshop will follow an interdisciplinary approach, gathering researchers whose expertise cover a large range of mathematics, algorithms and software.

Invited Speakers



Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

  SoS is co-funded by ANR (ANR-17-CE40-0033) and FNR (INTER/ANR/16/11554412/SoS) as a PRCI (Projet de Recherche Collaborative Internationale).  

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